June 20th -21st, Toi Lab, Tel Aviv
By Bitcoin Embassy TLV
See you there!


Join us for 31 hours of hacking, community and innovation marathon at the Toi Lab venue.

Bitcoin Embassy TLV

​First Prize: 1.0 Bitcoin
Second Prize: 0.6 Bitcoin

Third Prize: 0.4 Bitcoin


 50+ Developers, 31 hours, 2 BTC prizes.



Use Bitcoin, lightning network, and any other decentralized and free protocol to increase freedom in any field: 





-Nonprofits and social impact. 



Run by the Bitcoin Embassy,  the largest decentralized technology hackathon in Israel, gathering the most innovative, enthusiastic and determined hackers who have an idea and want to execute it - fast!



Make sure to reserve the 13th of June, Thursday 17:00-22:00 

for THE pre-hackathon meetup+workshop

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So, what is the lightning network?


Udi Wertheimer

Bitcoin Developer and Consultant

Sarah Wiesner

Bitcoin Ambassador

Nadav Ivgi

Founder at Bitrated

Meni Rosenfeld

Chairman at Israeli Bitcoin Association




Teams of 1-6 participants are allowed. All team members must  attend the  hackathon preparation meetup


You may not begin your project until the competition officially begins (you can use your own projects if they where online  in the past two months) . You may build on top of previous projects whose code exists online


The aim is to create a useful and usable hacks with a working POC (or better). Any open block-chain is OK, but we reserve the right to reject projects ideas that don't align with the core design values of the judicial staff


Use Git to track your code as you progress in a publicly open repository,


Teams have full ownership of everything they build at our events and are free to do with it as they wish.


The Hackathon is limited to 14 - 18 teams. Groups will be selected according to Hackathon's judging criteria, priority will be given to teams participating in the preparation meatup.

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