Who Should Attend?

Every entrepreneur, developer or designer interested in bitcoin and it's eco-system.


Our experts will be there ready to assist with any question regarding these decentralized protocols.
Bring your friends, or team up with other hackers on site. No matter what you choose, be ready to hack!
If you come without a team, don't worry, you'll find your Hackathon destiny with the Team Speed-Dating at the beginning.
Want to discuss ideas, find a project or find team members in advance? Ideas and contact info will be listed here. 

Number of members per team cannot exceed 5.



Each project should be part of an open-blockchain eco-system. 
Projects can use publicly available code that has been available for at least two months.
Use Git to track your code as you progress. 
It doesn't have to be a
publicly open repository,  but you must agree to have your code audited.



Build Something that works
Build something that works, done is better than perfect. Screenshots and slides will not suffice.
Again- done is better than perfect! 



Write Your Code Here, track it
Take the opportunity of the hackathon to think outside of the box and try original approaches. in Github


Bring your laptop. 
We recommend bringing a USB charger for your phone.
sleeping bag! -You're encouraged to hack all night, but it's not against the rules to take a good nap. 
Bring your
tooth brush




A week before the hackathon we will have a preparation meeting for the participating teams, in which we will offer guidance in order to increase their preparation and their ability to achieve high performance during the hackathon itself



Venue & Dates

Between the 20th and 21th of May, the hackathon will take on Toi Lab, at Montefiore St 31, from Thursday 09 am to Friday

14 pm


 Hacking ends at 10:00 Friday with presentations of the projects. 


winners will be announced around 14:00 pm



First Prize- 1 BTC!


Be kind and collaborate!